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Included in this set:

Traube Liqueur Hock Gold Ruby #36000
Traube Liqueur Hock Cobalt Blue #36001
Traube Liqueur Hock Amethyst #35997
Traube Liqueur Hock Emerald Green #36004
Traube Liqueur Hock Amber #35999
Traube Liqueur Hock Reseda #36003

Dimensions: 24.2cm (0.63Ltr)
Cleaning & Care: Dishwasher Safe


For more than 170 years Nachtmann, the family owned company, has specialized in the manufacture of prestige high quality lead crystal. The secret behind their success lies in their investment in the best technology and the courage to be innovative, not only in manufacturing methods but also in design.Style and elegance is a matter of design but overall perceived value of a cherished piece of crystal comes from its clarity, its weight and brilliant appearance which is a function of manufacturing excellence. The magnificence of Nachtmann can be seen in this complete set of the Twist collection.