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Set Includes:
12 x Red wine glass #34704 (19.3cm)
12 x White wine glass #34706 (18.4cm)
12 x Liqueur Tall glass #34711 (12.5cm)
12 x Champagne glass #34719 (22.5cm)
12 x Longdrink glass #34732 (16cm)
12 x Whisky tumbler glass #34731 (9.8cm)
1 x Jug #36522 (1lt)

Cleaning & Care: Dishwasher Safe


Marc Aurel is a design-focused product line of premium-quality crystal from Nachtmann. For 170 years, the family firm Nachtmann has epitomized the glassmaking tradition, superlative quality and definitive style. These are 170 years that Mark Aurel draws its inspiration from. Each individual piece demonstrates a passion of glassmaker's craft and for lead crystal, the finest raw material for exclusive glass products. Marc Aurel living accessories and glasses epitomize timeless modernity, functionality and a clear use of shape. The swing collection, comes as a proof.