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Swarovski provides two ranges of chandelier or sun-catcher crystals, 'Spectra" and "Strass". Strass is the original full lead crystal range and has the most variety. Most of these items will also include a small laser engraved trademark in the shape similar to a trapezoid close to the hole. Strass items are also coated with a substance that repels dust and reduces watermarks. The "Spectra" range is made of optical glass. Main difference between both ranges is that, where similar designs exist, Spectrum is almost half as expensive as Strass. To most, there is no significant difference in the quality of cut or spectrum of light produced between both groups. We offer only the Strass version for this model.

Other Dimensions and/or Type of Swarovski Crystals



Crystal Type: Spectra
Dimensions: 30cm (wide) x 38cm (high)
Lamps: 4 G9